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Workplace Pensions advice 

28th February 2017

Every employer in the UK will have to offer their staff a workplace pension scheme and we advise that you start planning for your ‘staging date’ now. Workplace pensions aren’t optional and you have a legal obligation to provide this to your (eligible) staff.

Many of our clients are already benefiting from our autoenrolment service and have let us take the hassle out of arranging their workplace pension and meeting their legal obligations. 

In advance of your staging date you will need to set up your workplace pension scheme and you may wish to seek our help with doing this. PFM Dental is on hand to help you with the following: 
• Selecting a suitable scheme.
• Setting up your scheme to meet your employer obligations.
• Assisting with employee enrolment.
• Providing compliant employee communications and scheme guide.
• Coordinating the chosen scheme with your payroll.
• Ensuring you are ready for your staging date.
• Completing your Declaration of Compliance with The Pensions Regulator

PFM Dental provides this service for a fixed fee. If you would like to arrange this service please email your name and PAYE reference to or call Ruth Lippiatt on 01904 670820.

Accountancy and payroll services

Our standard autoenrolment fee is reduced where you use our specialist dental accountancy services (PFM Dental Accountancy). We also provide a highly cost effective payroll service. If you currently use a third party payroll provider or you manage your own payroll you will need to ensure that your payroll software is set up to assess which of your employees are eligible, manage the pension deductions and provide the appropriate records. You can contact our specialist dental accountancy team on 01904 656 083.

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