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If you are interested in purchasing a practice, we suggest you register with us. You will receive details of the practices that come up for sale in your area as soon as they come onto the open market.

There is no cost to register or any ongoing fees.

Priority Buyers

Due to the high demand for dental practices we have a ‘priority buyer’ scheme in which the registered purchasers receive details at least one week prior to the practice going on the open market. This can be vital if you are looking to purchase a practice in a high demand area or an NHS practice. Around 95 per cent of our NHS practices are sold to priority buyers and do not go to the open market.

There is no joining fee or monthly charge for joining the service, therefore if you do not buy a practice from PFM Dental there is no charge. When you are successful in purchasing a PFM Dental practice you simply agree to pay PFM Dental’s agency charges which equates to 2.5 per cent of the sales proceeds, with a minimum fee of £4,500 (all of our fees are subject to VAT).

Interested In Buying?

Call PFM between 8.30am and 5.15pm, Monday - Friday, on:

01904 670 820
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