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Highly specialist advice from people who understand the complexities of buying a practice.

  • Bank applications
  • Access to multiple healthcare lenders
  • Practice valuations
  • Accountants projections
  • NACFB members
  • Market leading interest rates
  • Independent financial advice
  • Profit and loss projections
  • Healthcare lender introductions

Bank applications

Most practice sales agents will require outline finance approval before accepting an offer on a practice they are marketing. Obtaining such approval requires a well prepared finance application bringing together a variety of elements. This includes detailed information on your personal financial background and the target practice. Presenting an application to the bank in the correct format is essential. PFM Dental undertakes this regularly and understand what the banks require.

Healthcare lending

Bank lending for a practice purchase is ever-changing and PFM Dental are in daily contact with healthcare lending banks to ensure the most competitive loan facilities are available to our clients. Our superb relationships with the healthcare banking sector ensures PFM Dental are best placed to secure you the most competitive finance.


We offer all associate clients profit and loss projections for your target practice free of charge. This is often essential as part of a finance application. The change of status from associate to business owner automatically brings additional accountancy requirements including comprehensive business accounting and payroll administration. As specialist dental accountants we are well placed to provide these services.

Legal work

Our legal team’s primary objective is to protect your interests and make sure your purchase completes in a timely fashion. Our legal team will ensure the purchase contract offers you the appropriate protection after the sale in the form of ‘warranties and indemnities’. We will liaise with your lenders and other professional advisers to meet any preconditions they might impose. We will assist you with the required CQC applications and ensure the right forms are completed at the right time.

Goodwill valuations

If you are looking to purchase a practice we will provide you with a valuation of goodwill and equipment to ensure you pay the right price for your target practice. Our approach ensures that a detailed examination of the practice is undertaken and because we also sell practices we have an intimate understanding of the market.


Banks will insist on a variety of insurances as part of your finance application. This usually includes Income Protection, life cover for your loan and locum/expenses insurance. As independent financial advisers we will ensure you get the appropriate cover ensuring best quality and best value.

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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of commercial mortgages.

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What Our Clients Say

During the practice purchase Stephen and the team at PFM Legal were thorough, professional and always happy to answer questions. Their knowledge of dentistry and its quirks was invaluable in making the process run smoothly.

Jon Martin