Our legal services are for dentists selling or buying a practice and, with more than 15 years’ dental experience, our solicitors provide genuinely specialist advice.

  • More than 15 years’ dental specialist experience
  • Fixed fees
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • NHS contract transfers
  • ASPD member
  • Leases and property
  • NHS contract advice
  • Fixed fees
  • Partnership agreements
  • Associate agreements
  • Dental property advice


Specialist advice on selling your dental practice can be invaluable. We aim to provide advice to safeguard you during and after your sale with your sale/purchase agreement and offer you expertise in complex areas such as NHS contract transfers. We strive to complete your sale in a timely manner and have taken significant steps towards this with staff dedicated to the due diligence process.


Buying a practice can be a daunting process. Our experienced legal team has undertaken hundreds of dental sale/purchase transactions and therefore will understand your requirements, provide you with the best advice and ensure your transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Partnership agreements

Many partnerships trade without a partnership agreement or with one that is significantly out of date. Agreements should reflect the individual nature of your business as well as including the common dental specific requirements. Whether you are trading with an out of date agreement, buying into a partnership or simply don’t have an agreement we can help.

Associate agreements

Ensuring you have an appropriate principal/associate agreement in place is advisable. This is especially important to review where you have purchased a practice, as existing agreements may either be out of date or not exist at all. Our depth of experience in this area will ensure you have the correct agreement in place.

Leases and property

Whether buying or selling a dental practice there will be a requirement to consider the transfer of a connected freehold or leasehold property. Property issues, if handled badly, can delay your sale or purchase. PFM Dental Legal has dedicated commercial property specialists to ensure your property requirements are dealt with in-house swiftly and professionally.

NHS contract transfers

Complex rules need to be considered when buying or selling goodwill associated with an NHS contract. Our legal team has extensive experience of dealing with NHS contract transfers and will ensure this does not jeopardise the sale of your practice. This is an area of legal advice where our speciality is vital.

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What Our Clients Say

During the practice purchase Stephen and the team at PFM Legal were thorough, professional and always happy to answer questions. Their knowledge of dentistry and its quirks was invaluable in making the process run smoothly.

Jon Martin