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Buying a practice can be a daunting experience so it helps to have a specialist dental solicitor at hand.

Our legal team’s primary objective is to protect your interests and make sure your purchase completes in a timely fashion.

We are experts at dealing with ‘due diligence’. This is the process we undertake to help you understand the business you are buying and identify any potential issues.

Our legal team will ensure the purchase contract offers you the appropriate protection after the sale in the form of ‘warranties and indemnities’. We will liaise with your lenders and other professional advisers to meet any preconditions they might impose. We will assist you with the required CQC applications and ensure the right forms are completed at the right time.

Our dental solicitors have extensive experience of advising on purchases where the seller may be a limited company. We have other specialist in-house professionals on hand including PFM Dental’s dental chartered accountants and chartered financial planners.