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PFM Dental Accountancy are specialist dental accountants with expertise in providing proactive tax planning that includes an annual meeting within the competitive fee structure.

Many of our clients tell us that they don’t get proactive advice from their accountant and want more than a basic accountancy function. PFM Dental Accountancy aims to provide this within a highly competitive fee structure.

When you own a dental practice there are many intricate details which require an experienced dental accountant but also one that will spend the time to discuss your accounts, any areas that need further work and ideas to save tax.

Our service is client-focused and we believe that we offer something unique. We also offer to involve our independent financial advisers in your annual meeting at no additional cost, to provide comprehensive and cohesive tax and financial planning.

Our fees for practice owners start from £1,250 plus VAT per annum and are based on the size of your practice. We offer a fixed fee structure and fees can be paid on a monthly basis.