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NHS Pension Review

The NHS Pension scheme is at the core of many dentists’ retirement plans. If you are unsure how the benefits integrate with your financial planning or if you will breach HMRC pension limits contact us.

The NHS Pension scheme provides a wide variety of benefits from life cover to a pension at retirement. PFM Dental can help you assess your personal benefits profile.

Recent changes to HMRC’s Lifetime and Annual pension allowances mean that many NHS practitioners require specialist advice to understand how their NHS Pension interacts with the limits.

There have been a number of significant changes to the scheme over the last few years and there are more planned. If you would like to find out how these changes may affect you then we recommend you request our NHS Pension review. We will provide you with a summary of your benefits including a pension forecast, update you on any legislative changes and explain any changes specific to dentistry.

If you are considering retirement options such as early or phased retirement then you may well benefit from an assessment of your NHS Pension.