Selling to a body corporate


Selling your dental practice to a body corporate might seem straight-forward but it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of accepting an offer that suits them far better than it suits you.

You only get one chance

Don’t miss out on getting a deal that’s best for you.

Don’t go it alone

Body corporates are highly experienced purchasers. With many deals under their belt, they may demand things that are more faourable for them, at your expense, whether this be price or terms. Fortunately at PFM Dental we have the experience and expertise to fight your corner and get you the best deal.

No-one knows the market as well as we do. We sell a large number of dental practices to body corporates – often with discreet marketing to ensure confidentiality. And because we work with multiple corporate buyers we’re able to drive up your sale price and negotiate sale terms that suit you.

Let them pay your agency fees

Virtually all body corporate buyers are registered on our priority buyer list. This means they will pay our agency fees in full on top of the sale price. So you get full access to our registered buyers, the benefit of our experienced negotiators and all our expertise paid for by your buyer. There’s simply no reason to go it alone.

First step: a professional valuation

We’ll kick off with a professional independent valuation. We go the extra mile in understanding your practice, set up and financials. Our financial modelling of your practice ensures that you get the best price.

Bringing it to body corporates

We deal with all the dental body corporates big and small, and as we are constantly speaking with them, negotiating terms and selling dental practice to them this means that we are always upto date with their offerings - allowing us to use our knowledge to get you the best terms.

Not all dental corporates are the same and some smaller corporates may purchase with no or less onerous tie-ins or target requirements – we will speak with you to determine which coporates offerings will be the most suitable for your requirements.

As these smaller corporates tend not to be well known - you may not be aware of who’s actively looking to buy. We can ensure you have access to these buyers as well as the more recognised dental body coporates to keep your sale options open.

Tie-Ins and targets

Most dental body corporates will ask for the principal to remain at the practice post-sale and will require a retention of sale price to ensure that this happens.

It is also common for the larger body coporates to request income targets over the tie in period. Whilst sometimes these are inevitable we will use our knowledge and experience to negotiate the best tie-ins, targets and retentions for your circumstances.

In short – we get the best deal for you.

Over to the legals

Once we’ve found the right body corporate for you, our unique blend of services really comes into its own. Our legal team will take care of due diligence and the sale agreement giving you the benefit of our expert care and attention throughout the sale process.

We'll make sure the legal contract offers you the right protections after your sale has completed so you'll have peace of mind long after the sale has goes through.

Many dental solicitors don’t have our experience of dealing with regular sales to body corporates but fortunately we understand how a corporate legal department works better than most. Let us help you achieve a smooth completion often in a shorter than average timescale.

Considering selling?

We’re here to help


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Our senior practice sales and legal team

  • Martyn Bradshaw

    Practice sales director
    07779 658332 Read my profile

    Martyn Bradshaw

    Practice sales director
    07779 658332

    Martyn leads the practice sales and valuations department and is a director of PFM Dental. Bringing more than 15 years experience as a practice valuer and sales agent, he’s passionate about achieving the maximum value and best terms for dentists selling their practice. Martyn is well respected within the dental industry as a leading advocate of profit-based valuation methods and a champion of highly ethical standards.

  • Samantha Hodgson

    Practice valuer
    07538 363288

    Samantha is a practice valuer and sales agent. With several years’ experience as a practice sales negotiator, she understands all the ins and outs of the sale process. Her days are spent helping vendors realise the best price for their practice and negotiating the best terms for their sale.

  • Laura Naylor

    Practice transition specialist
    No direct dial Read my profile

    Laura Naylor

    Practice transition specialist
    No direct dial

    If you’re selling or buying your practice through PFM Dental, you’ll definitely get to know Laura. Her support to the sales and valuation team includes vendor and purchaser communications, marketing practices, coordinating viewings, handling with the offer process and dealing with solicitors and banks. Laura’s job is to help each sale go through as smoothly as possible, from start to finish.

  • Stephen Knowles

    Director & commercial solicitor
    01904 521270 Read my profile

    Stephen Knowles

    Director & commercial solicitor
    01904 521270

    With more than 15 years’ experience of helping dentists with their commercial legal needs, Stephen focuses on getting the job done quickly, correctly and with the minimum of fuss. When we ask our clients for feedback, they always praise the way he combines comprehensive knowledge of the sector with a friendly, approachable personality.

    Stephen is a director of PFM Dental and leads the legal team.

  • Laura Dobson

    Commercial solicitor
    01904 521273 Read my profile

    Laura Dobson

    Commercial solicitor
    01904 521273

    Everyone who works with Laura enjoys her client-centred approach. Her favourite part of the job is listening carefully to a client’s needs and working out the best way of getting them where they want to be.

    As a commercial solicitor, Laura has worked in a number of different sectors but she’ now dedicated exclusively to dental clients. Her role includes handling dental practice sales and purchases, as well as issues that crop up in the day-to-day running of a practice, such as partnership, expense share and associate agreements.

  • Laura Frensham

    Property solicitor
    01904 521272 Read my profile

    Laura Frensham

    Property solicitor
    01904 521272

    You’re likely to come across Laura if you ask PFM Dental to handle your property matters, whether part of a practice sale or a standalone issue. Laura has worked in commercial property since she qualified in 2012. She is experienced in dealing with acquisitions and disposals of freehold property, acting on behalf of both landlords and tenants in their leasehold matters (such as the grant of a new lease, lease renewal, surrender or assignment of a lease) and dealing with all aspects of commercial lending.

We’re accredited

We pride ourselves on providing top notch professional services to our clients. We’re proud to tell you why we belong to these professional bodies.

  • Chartered status is our industry’s gold standard for quality and integrity. No other financial planning firm offering advice exclusively for dentists has this badge of excellence.

  • Only recognised dental specialists can join The Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists. As members we’re guaranteed to understand dentists’ particular needs, problems and opportunities.

  • Lexcel is the Law Society’s quality mark for practice management and client care. It’s a voluntary standard that we’ve signed up to. The mark means we meet their high standards, giving you peace of mind.

  • The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) is the national trade body for brokers who arrange finance for businesses. NACFB promotes the highest industry and regulatory standards.

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) believes accountancy is a force for positive economic change and works to promote trust in business. Membership means we’ve passed a premium qualification and have access to its world-leading resources.