PFM Dental Legal complaints procedure

We are committed to high quality legal advice and client care and we are keen to resolve all complaints as soon as possible and in order to do this, we will follow our complaints handling procedure.

Step one:

If you have not already done so, you should inform the Complaints Handling Director, Stephen Knowles of the full nature of the problem. You can do this by emailing him at or writing to him at PFM Dental Legal 1st Floor, 106 Micklegate, York, YO1 6JX.

Step two:

The Complaints Handling Director will write to you acknowledging your complaint within three working days. In this letter, he shall confirm what happens next.

Step three:

The Complaints Handling Director shall then investigate the matter by reviewing the matter file and speaking to the member of staff concerned within five working days of acknowledging receipt of your complaint. If, for some reason, the matter cannot be investigated in this timeframe, then he will write to you notifying you of this together with the reason why and giving a revised timescale. Once the investigation has been completed, he shall invite you to a meeting to discuss the issue(s) you have raised and hopefully resolve the complaint. This meeting will take place within fourteen days of sending you the acknowledgement letter. Following the meeting, he shall write to you within five working days of the meeting to confirm your discussion and the solution agreed upon.

Step four:

If you do not want to or are unable to attend such a meeting, he will send you a detailed, written response, including his proposed solution, within fourteen working days of sending you the letter acknowledging receipt of your complaint.

Step five:

If you are satisfied with his response in either Step three or four above, that will be the end of the matter. However, if you are not satisfied, you should contact him again and he will arrange for a member of staff who is unconnected with the matter to review his decision. He/She will write to you within fourteen days of receiving your request with confirmation of the firm’s final position in relation to your complaint, outlining the reasons and any final redress that is offered.

Step six:

We have eight weeks to consider your complaint. If for any reason we are unable to resolve the problem between us within that timeframe, then you may ask the Legal Ombudsman to consider the complaint.